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Alive Solutions

48 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-8808
Main Contact: David Rosenberg

Computer Installation & Maintenance

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Services & Specialties
Personalized computer help–Apple specialist

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FR Review:
Appreciative clients call David Rosenberg “The Apple Whisperer” - a patient, knowledgeable guide for the ever-changing world of Mac computers (and iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches too). Focusing on helping individuals and small businesses, Rosenberg can set up a new system, troubleshoot a bug, sync a computer to a phone, recover lost data, or just remind you the printer has to be turned on to work. A one-man operation, he mostly does house (or office) calls, making him an ideal fit for the client who finds the hustle and bustle of the Apple store a little tiresome. For small issues, Rosenberg can advise over the phone or log-in to your system remotely.

Rosenberg began his professional career as a studio musician and composer, his early adoption of orchestration software made for a smooth transition into the tech world. Always a Mac aficionado, he was trained and certified by Apple, then worked as a manager and specialist at a store from 2005-2008 before going out on his own. Clients are retirees, entrepreneurs, doctors, Upper West Side neighbors and anyone who needs friendly help. Generally, Rosenberg avoids large Enterprise clients, and absolutely doesn’t touch Windows-based systems. His rate, charged hourly, goes up on weekends or after hours, but clients say he’ll offer gratis help if the issue is small. They praise his friendliness, patience, and trustworthiness, saying “I’d be lost without him!”

Representative Client Comments:
“I called him with a problem and he was driving in the Bahamas, but he helped me out over the phone on his vacation.” “So reliable, he always picks up the phone.” “He knows everything about every Apple product.” “I’m from the typewriter generation, and he’s helped me get comfortable with a computer.” “He’s not that costly, I consider him a necessary expense!” “He gives you much more proactive and personal service than Apple will give you.”

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