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28 West 27th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(888) 888-8000
Main Contact: William Pulman

Windows & Doors
Window Films

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Services & Specialties
Window films

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FR Review:
For those who want better performance from their windows but not the hassle and expense of replacing them, Layr offers a smart aftermarket solution: expertly applied 3M window films. The firm’s bread and butter is heat and glare protection, most of their products are designed to cut down on solar heat gain (or loss) and intense brightness. So if floor-to-ceiling glass seemed like a good idea at the time but all of your paintings are turning brown, Layr is a good number to have in your phone. The product line is remarkably diverse, ranging from invisible to frosted to blackout films, with a variety of options for those who need a specific aesthetic. An add-on benefit is security: some films are specifically designed to protect against breakage from weather or home intrusion (the firm’s website includes some dramatic test footage from 3M of a mock “burglar” having a difficult time getting through a treated pane of glass). These are generally more popular with commercial clients–most homeowners are just looking to make a sunroom little less sunny, or save a little on their energy bill.

The firm is relatively young, founded in 2016 by William Pulman. Pulman, interestingly, left a career in finance to start the firm after seeing the potential of the product. He brings a crisp sense of professionalism from his former career, helming a small team of sales staff and a few “clean, careful, quick” installers to tackle mostly residential projects in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Clients we spoke with were positive about their experiences with Layr, saying the company “arrives on time and meets their estimates” and that they “can handle tricky installations.” Costs are reasonable—not rock bottom, but certainly far far less than the expense of installing new windows (the firm has a relatively low minimum charge, but it probably wouldn’t make sense to hire them for only one window). The films themselves are backed by a warranty from 3M. Overall, Layr is recommended as a smart, simple, cost-effective solution for window problem-solving.

Representative Client Comments:
“The crew showed up to do the work exactly when they said they would, and they finished in less time than they estimated.” “I thought their charges were fair.” “They can handle more complicated installations.” “Brought them back again for another installation, I liked the first a lot.” “I was attracted to the fact that the product is 3M, so I knew it would be reliable.” “Good work, you can’t see any edges at all.” “I was worried the tints would be too dark, but they weren’t at all. There were enough options that I could get exactly what I wanted.”

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