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Adams Interior Design

By appointment only
New York, NY
Main Contact: Michael Adams

Interior Design

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Smart modern interior design

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FR Review:
Michael Adams blends contemporary style, classic proportions and a chardonnay-dry wit to create charming homes for his clients. Stylistically, in rough terms, Adams designs modern interiors with eclectic detailing (picture a sleek white kitchen livened up by vibrant red pendant lights and a Basquiat). However, he prefers to think of his work as translation–taking a client’s inspiration and distilling it into a finished interior. Sometimes it’s as simple as honing the details of a vision that’s already there. Other times, the challenge is greater: one client asked Adams for a “sexy vampire” look—he interpreted that as a glammed-out black and gold powder room, hidden behind a secret door (the client was thrilled).

Adams grew up on a farm outside a sequestered Massachusetts town, the kind of place where furniture is handed down for five generations. He moved to New York at 18, studied at FIT and began working in high end design, eventually starting his own firm in 2009. His demeanor reflects this country mouse/city mouse duality: Adams has both a New Englander’s practicality and a decidedly metropolitan sense of humor (his business card has a picture of a grenade on it). Clients adore him for his creative thinking—one told us a story of Adams finding inspiration for the color of a custom table in the form of a creamy white Cadillac parked in Brooklyn. They also applaud his detail-oriented thinking and his seemingly endless resources: “I ask him for an interesting pencil holder, and he will find the most interesting pencil holder in the world.”

Working out of Fuigo on Park with partner Lizzy Gunn, Adams takes on a small number of projects at a time. He’s more of a “do everything for a few clients” than a “do a little for a ton of clients” designer—Adams is often on call for small updates, holiday decorations and the like. His pricing structure, based around an initial design fee and a purchasing markup, is well within industry standards. Clients say he’s not a budget-buster and will find ways to make a project work, mixing retail and custom seamlessly. They praise Adams for his listening skills, his cheer and his outside-the-box thinking—many say they’ve come to rely on him completely.

Representative Client Comments:
“He’s able to balance being a little edgy and current while creating something that will stand the test of time.” “He builds trust without ever compromising himself.” “He does serious work, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.” “Michael can take a wood paneled room and give it an edge with lighting, texture and sheen.” “He’s a great problem solver, he can find solutions for tight spaces or anything else you throw at him.” “Michael makes me laugh, but at the same time we get things done.” “He redid my entire holiday look and I’m excited for Christmas again for the first time in years!” “He’s such a wonderful listener.” “His colors are perfect without being the same colors everyone else has.” “Exacting standards on the small stuff.” “I love working with him.”

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