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Pet Cab

340 Park Avenue
New York, NY
(917) 982-6335
Main Contact: Elliott

Pet Chauffeur

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Services & Specialties
Caring, kind, thoughtful pet transportation

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FR Review:
They are a clear step up from the competition, and at a better price. What more do you need to say except, woof yes! Elliott xx started the business in 2019 when his mom needed such a service– the best way new ideas are born. They are just better. They have real experience with pets in basic and more sensitive situations, like after surgery or in chemo. You can always find their cars outside the Animal Medical Center. And they have a dog bed inside.

This is not a van service, but individual pickups. They get to know your dog for regular runs, unlike a Wag or Rover, where you never know who might come to the door. And if the pet takes longer than expected to appear from the AMC doors, they do not complain. Not only for local runs, the company also makes jaunts to the Hamptons, Boston, Philly regularly. Just this week, Elliott, himself, is taking a dog on a plane to Palm Beach next week. They also transport pets from airport cargo, daycare, grooming, training, and your best friends. You may join your pet if you would like, for the ride. They suggest you call at least an hour ahead, if possible, a day ahead is better to be sure they can fit you in the schedule. Started just before the pandemic, the business has been thriving and looking forward to expanding.

Representative Client Comments:
"Really a caring and helpful group of people." "Your dog gets a bed and smells the other pets in the car, so it is way less stressful than an Uber." "Particularly great for big dogs and medical situations, as they have done it before." "Elliott grew up in New York City and is a Collegiate boy. Just totally gets it." "A concierge service."

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