Franklin Report Report Card for Staci Ruiz in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Staci Ruiz
222 East 24th Street
Suite 1B
New York, NY 10010
(917) 582-7822
Main Contact: Staci Ruiz
Lighting Design

Services & Specialties
Thoughtful lighting consultation

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FR Review:
Well-connected principal Staci Ruiz, a two-decade veteran of the business, works with New York City homeowners and interior designers to create a lighting system that best suits the unique character of its space. Ruiz, who started her career with a fixture-hunting trip through Europe, is expert in both traditional and modern styles from around the world. Clients say she is talented, aggressive about problem solving, confident, and rock solid on deadlines.

We hear that Ruiz's relationships with lighting manufacturers allow her clients to get good prices, a key element in an aspect of decoration that--by her own admission--is never at the top of anyone's budget. Her services--an involved-3-step process of design, specification, and oversight of installation--are charged by the hour and just north of cheap, but those who utilize her talents end up seeing the light.

Representative Client Comments:
"Willing and able to work within budget constraints." "Talkative, lively, assertive, and professional. She was always accessible and knew exactly what we wanted." "Moves quickly and gets it done on a budget." "She can quickly survey a space and determine the best way to light it in terms of design and functionality." "Always keeps the client in mind, even when she doesn't have to." "She worked within our budget, set expectations, and brought a "no pressure" approach." "She is the first and only person I would turn to for lighting ideas and renovations."

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