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Paul Mutimear, Color Consultant

(917) 309-4430
Main Contact: Paul Mutimear
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

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FR Review:
Paul Mutimear is the undisputed Prince of the Palette. Crowned in 2010 by the New York Times, as the GoTo Paint Guru, he spent over 25 years refining shades of gray, blue and green. Mutimear takes the angst out of the overwhelming process of choosing that perfect hue. He has first hand experience in understanding the application of paint, knowing how color changes a room, and also how color changes in a room. His expertise includes the science and art of light reflection and saturation, and helps clients avoid the common urge to over-intensify based upon the small impact of a chip.

Mutimear has a degree in engineering and is an avid photographer. He began his career as a contractor specializing in decorative finishes. Soon after, he became the premier color consultant for all eleven Janovic stores, holding court on the Upper East Side: the very frontline of the design combat zone. He became the known, trusted color advisor to thousands of baffled consumers and decorators, alike. Later, he ascended to the strategic design group at Benjamin Moore, and now does personal at-home consultations.

Mutimear very much takes on the design goals of the client, but helps them make more informed choices by being to visualize how any given color will appear in that particular room and predicting the multitude of light variables that will occur. His vast experience and specific techniques reduces risk. His personal consultations usually include opining on several rooms for flow and focus. His long term list of satisfied customers confers his status as a recognized expert in his field.

Representative Client Comments:
"I was terrified of choosing the right color. Paul gave me the confidence to proceed, and he was absolutely correct. We would have chosen a color that was too yellow for the living room, but the natural light added that glow so the paint did not need be so strong." "I was completely paralyzed to proceed with the kitchen cabinets, but Paul had the solution for the exact correct white that was not really white, as he had faced this challenge so many times before." "He not only helped choose the color of the master bedroom: our greatest challenge, but made sure that the rest of the house worked well from room to room." "He is almost as as hard to book as a fine restaurant. Much in demand, but so worth it." "I was overthinking it. Paul broke through the complications."

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