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Kalust Barin
1334 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 606-7896
Main Contact: Kalust Barin
Carpets & Rugs - Cleaning & Repair

Services & Specialties
Discriminating antique rug and tapestry restoration and repair

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FR Review:
“A man of many talents,” is what people are saying about Kalust Barin. Clearly, Sotheby’s thinks so too, since Barin holds forth in the Sotheby’s building on the Upper East Side, where he does a number of jobs for some of the auction house’s famous and distinguished clients. The firm repairs, restores and cleans antique rugs, with a specialty in Caucasian, European and Middle Eastern pieces. Barin also conserves tapestries and needlepoint. While most of his work is done at Sotheby’s, he occasionally works on-site and has several clients whose rugs he checks on a regular basis. His showroom in Sotheby’s is open to the public and the trade.

Barin has been in the rug business his entire life, starting with his family’s business in Turkey, where he worked in the Grand Bazaar. This soft-spoken man serves mostly residential clients throughout the greater New York City area, but reports receiving shipments from as far away as Texas. Sources tell us that this gentleman is a hard worker who is dedicated to his craft. Though his prices are upper end, references say reliable and trustworthy service is worth the price tag.

Representative Client Comments:
“An extremely nice and honest man.” “Worked for us for fifteen years now.” “Extremely skilled. Knows his business.” “Best man for the job.” “Has such a discriminating eye for repairing and restoring fine pieces.”

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