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Larry Laslo Designs
228 Phipps Plaza
Palm Beach, FL 33480
(561) 429-2715
Main Contact: Larry Laslo
Interior Design

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Contemporary, lively residential interior design

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FR Review:
Loyal clients return to Larry Laslo for his clean lines, vibrant colors, and dedicated nature. He is said to be excellent at restraining clients when "necessary" and also encouraging them to stretch beyond their general inclinations. Even plain white is developed into more painted shades than the imagination can contemplate. Clients find Laslo to be a wealth of historical information and enjoy his incorporation of varied periods and styles, from ancient classical Egyptian to Italian 1940s. It is said that nothing is off-limits to this intrepid designer, who can meld various periods with élan. A man ahead of his time, Laslo was doing "mid-century modern" before the term was coined. But all is done with a nod to glamorous irreverence.

Laslo began his design journey as an oil painter and fashion illustrator. After working with Bergdorf Goodman for several years in store design, he worked with Mikasa and Takashimaya, developing their United States look. His interior design firm was founded in 1985 and remains small, with Laslo doing all the shopping. Clients tend to be the young and less conservative in Manhattan and the metro area. Laslo also likes to be involved with the architectural details and spends a good deal of time with clients understanding their lifestyle before anything is purchased.

The firm charges a typical design fee and reasonable product fees. Depending upon the clients interests, living rooms can range from $50,000 to $300,000+. He is said to much prefer just a few pieces of higher quality than a full room. Clients are shown all invoices and often pay directly. His own furniture products may be purchased through John Whitticomb, Directional, and Interior Craft, with a new pottery line via Haeger. HB Top Designers, 1999, 2000, 2001. KB 2001, 2003, 2006. Elle Decor A-List.

Representative Client Comments:
"While gold was not something I would have thought of, Larry advised me to go for the ultimate gold dining room--walls, chairs and skirted table all in gold. We absolutely adore it." "He places furniture in a room like jewels in a necklace." "He is a visionary. He found treasures in dusty antiques shops in London that looked like nothing to me." "Inventive, colorful, and an actual bargain." "Really pushed us to think outside of the box." "Always does a spot check to make sure the project comes out perfectly." "He took our historic mansion and added modern life and great cheer." "He offers a broad range of economic alternatives, pointing you to Bloomingdale's if that makes sense." "Injects a sense of fun into everything he does." "You don't have to worry about the architect, because Larry will provide all the inspiration."

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