Franklin Report Report Card for Collins Brothers Moving Corporation in New York City
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Collins Brothers Moving Corporation

460 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
(212) 517-3323
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Services & Specialties
Residential and commercial moving and storage

FR Review:
In business for over a century (truly!), this large, full-service moving and storage company takes pride in its dedicated staff. Started as a horse-and-wagon affair, Collins has grown to be one of the biggest and best-rated moving companies in New York (and beyond—Collins has locations as far afield as Dallas). Three-hundred strong during the busy season, the firm performs local and long-distance residential moves as well as international and commercial relocations. Rigorous training is said to pay off in the professionalism demonstrated on the job—particularly if you hire the specialized division within the company that works with the design trade. All estimates are done on-site, eliminating surprises, and clients appreciate that a field supervisor monitors each move, assuring the best possible job. Rates are not low end, but fair, given the quality.

Representative Client Comments:
“Serious about their work with the design industry.” “Collins Brothers made sure everything was done correctly.” “Not only are they skilled packers, but gentlemen you will be happy to have in your home.” “The crew that works with interior designers is patient, professional, and 100 percent reliable.” “The crew was very reliable, polite and helpful.” “They got the job done with no pain.” “Used repeatedly by investment banking houses’ relocation departments, so they have to be reliable and good.”

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