Franklin Report Report Card for DF Conservation Inc. in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
DF Conservation Inc.
106 Ferris Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 381-3548
Main Contact: David Fuentes
Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Antique restoration and refinishing; Nakashima experts

Work Quality:
Cost Evaluation:
Value Analysis :
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FR Review:
Decorators and antique dealers praise principal David Fuentes for his gorgeous finishes and commitment to the period and style for all types of restoration. Fuentes, who started the firm in 1993, is an expert in Nakashima furniture restoration, having reconditioned Columbia University’s Nakashima collection. Fuentes also restores museum-quality pieces, especially American and European, and is well-versed in the French polish technique (although he can work with any kind of finish). We hear Fuentes enjoys the challenge of researching and working with rare pieces, but he does not do reproductions.

Insiders praise his extraordinary French polish and authentic finishes, calling him conscientious, professional, communicative and timely. Estimates are free and pricing is per hour–$95 for in-house projects, $120 for on-site work.

Representative Client Comments:
“David works extremely carefully–not at all mechanically.” “He was the only man for the job–he did his research and respected the furniture as much as we do.”

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