Franklin Report Report Card for New York's Little Elves in New York City
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New York's Little Elves
151 First Avenue Suite 204
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-5507
Main Contact: Sabrina Fierman
Housekeeping & Cleaning

Services & Specialties
Deep-cleaning some of New York City's most prestigious residences

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FR Review:
Though New York's Little Elves employs no actual elves (as far as we know), the cleaning work they do is described by clients as quite magical. Little Elves specializes in residential cleaning and their client roster includes a large number of interior designers and contractors, who depend on Little Elves to implement immaculate post-construction cleanings before their own (and often demanding) clients return for viewings. Indeed, Little Elves caters to a more discerning clientele, with many accounts along Park and Fifth Avenues.

Little Elves came into being in the 1970's, when single mother Barbara Roche started to take on odd cleaning jobs for personal acquaintances. Today it remains very much a family company, with Roche as CEO and her daughter, Sabrina, heading Business Development. In an industry with high turnover, Little Elves is better able to retain is 30+ staff by offering above-average salaries and benefits like health insurance and a 401(k) plan. All Little Elves cleaners undergo background checks, complete several weeks of on-the-job training and are required to work on a crew for two years before being sent on solo jobs. The cleaners are trained to properly handle specialty materials and management has been known to call up Sotheby's to double-check how rare items should be cared for.

Little Elves charges by the hour: $45 per cleaner, with a four-hour minimum per cleaner. Because Little Elves specializes in in-depth cleaning (even routine jobs typically include dusting baseboards, cleaning vents and vacuuming out cupboards), the number of hours and cleaners required for each job often surprises many first-time customers. Little Elves offers free estimates and encourages its customers to stick around for the first cleaning in order to see the significant depth and detail of the cleaning performed. Bottom line: customers looking for a complete expunging of dust and dirt by professional cleaners should definitely consider Little Elves; those looking for more of a tidying-up arrangement may want to opt for less expensive services.

Representative Client Comments:
"I've used Little Elves for all of my post-construction cleaning for over ten years now and there is no one better." "They are incredibly thorough, trustworthy, punctual, and efficient." "Their quote seemed a little high." "They just get it, from the process to the sense of urgency." "The staff is very professional and polite--they understand that they are guests in someone's home." "I recommend them all the time." "I never have to worry about how special materials and surfaces will be handled." "They are pros."

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Posted 10/12/2010
Reviewed By:
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Eric McLaughlin New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
If you need cleaners who are professional, thorough and know what they are doing, then New York's Little Elves is it.
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Project Description & Comments:
We hire them for pretty much all of our post-construction cleaning and have always been incredibly happy. They are so thorough and systematic that walking into an area that they are cleaning is like walking into a surgical room, shoe cover booties and all. We have a demanding clientele, but we know that when we hire New York's Little Elves that at least we don't have to worry about the cleanliness of the site once the job comes to a close.
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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Posted 12/6/2018
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Carol Stanger New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
The best cleaning company I've tried.
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Project Description & Comments:
The cleaners were thorough, organized, and unobtrusive. What I especially appreciate was the company's accomodating me on
short notice.
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