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Scott Salvator

P.O. Box 20496
New York, NY 10021
(212) 861-5355
Main Contact: Scott Salvator

Interior Design

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Becoming, fastidious, traditional interior design

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FR Review:
Scott Salvator and Michael Zabriskie win accolades for their businesslike manner, personable natures and updated formal style. Clients also praise the firm for its strong use of color and intricate layering of fabrics and coordinated trims, saying that it constructs the ultimate “traditional, but not stuffy” home. Modern art and glass mosaics sometimes infiltrate the look, as does the occasional flatscreen TV, but the result is consistently one of serious design intent. Salvator is considered to be accommodating, detail-oriented, deeply tied to his work, intense, smart, practical and fun.

Salvator received a BS in accounting and a JD in law, then studied interior design at FIT and Parsons. Before starting his firm in 1992, he worked for Mario Buatta, Gary Crain and Robert Metzger. Zabriskie, an associate at the firm, graduated from Parsons and worked with Mario Buatta, McMillen, and Parish-Hadley. The duo’s technical competence is often mentioned as a key differentiating strength. After the apartment on Park or Fifth is done, clients often hire the firm for a second home, done with printed linens, hooked rugs, and fewer tassels and trims. Homeowners interface directly with Salvator or Zabriskie, who do all the shopping themselves and “work eighteen hour days.” The back office of four is known for its strong follow-up.

The firm asks for a standard design fee that is deductible against future purchases. Products are marked up at classic retail. Though the firm enjoys high-end product, references say “they were not snobs about it when we purchased some items at Home Expo.” Said to offer a highly personalized result that is “clearly not off the rack,” Salvator’s firm evokes a strong reaction from clients, with most becoming lifelong devotees and a few that just don’t click.

Representative Client Comments:
“From city house to country house and back again. All were lovely and appropriate.” “Everything is analyzed to perfection—they spent more time on the sofa’s seat depth and pitch than I did discussing my wedding vows with my husband.” “For that kind of money I did not want to talk to an assistant, and I never had to.” “I know they are busy, but Scott spent three hours with me at E. Braun picking out linens.” “A bit American, a bit French, a liberal sprinkling of chintz.” “While Scott can talk up a storm, the end product is just right.” “I would not use him for my country house, but love his urban vision.” “They are traditional without being frumpy.” “Deliberate design—some would say heavy, others would say opulent.” “He can lose interest in a project, but if he’s into it, nothing can stop him.” “Everyone is so attracted to the rosy colors and the oversized pieces that are even comfortable for large men.” “Scott’s glamorous couture product stands out in a sea of neutral sameness.” “Scott does a lot of charitable work.” “It was rare when I said no, but if I did, he was good about finding an alternative.” “We went through several possible schemes with Scott, but we never really connected.” “I did not have to interfere because he totally understood. He is great for people with limited time.” “Scott has a great, very dry sense of humor.” “I recommended him to a friend but they just couldn’t participate in this price range.” “Scott has a real flair for living and livability. We continue to go to the movies together.”

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Posted 4/28/2015
Reviewed By:
Luigi Gentile New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Very few have his talent and his amazing eye for colors, textures and patterns.
Hard to put into words what Scott is able to express through his craft. I have known and worked with Scott for over 25 years. His projects always exude opulence and sophistication without ever being "overdecorated." I'm a fan!
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