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38-26 10th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 937-4001
Main Contact: Craig Berger
Air Conditioning & Heating

Services & Specialties
HVAC design, installation and service

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FR Review:
An HVAC company with an impressive pedigree, Arista has consistently been considered one of the better firms in New York since its founding in 1949. Nowa- days, the firm’s focus is on residential service. To that end, it fields 100 trucks (an average midsized firm fields about ten), many of which can be found in Man- hattan’s more coveted zip codes, making emergency calls a breeze. Arista is also lauded for its friendly pros, who show up in uniform and are said to “have a sensi- tivity to working in high-end properties.”

Construction professionals often recommend the company, noting its knowl- edge of the complicated high-tech systems that are so prevalent in high-end residential work. In fact, the company has even designed a sound attenuation unit (with the aid of an acoustical engineer) to run as quietly as a breeze.

Recently, Arista has been on a tear, acquiring smaller HVAC companies and expanding its fleet. As a result, clients are reporting faster service. The downside is that, with such a large firm, there are rumors of “A” and “B” crews. Some report wishing that the same mechanic would be sent to each job consistently. However, Arista is still indisputably one of the best in the city, and we’re also told its post- construction maintenance program is top-notch.

Representative Client Comments:
“Definitely one of the more prominent companies on the Upper East Side.” “Big company, reliable techs. I pretty much always use them.” “They’re huge, so sometimes you’re not sure which Arista you’re getting.” “Arista has grown a lot in recent years.” “The best in the city, hands down.” “They are so dedicated to service.” “One of the better companies out there.” “Great service, but a confusing bill.” “Very helpful and informative. Will lay it out for you in plain language.”

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