Franklin Report Report Card for Barbra Scott Flowers in New York City
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Barbra Scott Flowers
27 West 20th Street, Suite 504
New York, NY 10011
(212) 366-9011
Main Contact: Barbra Scott

Services & Specialties
Extraordinary dried flower design

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FR Review:
With a little bit of old-fashioned magic, Barbra Scott creates dried flower displays that marvel for months. Many come to Scott for cost and convenience (her displays will last up to a year in a climate-controlled home), but they stay for her "gorgeous, and very creative" arrangements. Often the difference between her displays and fresh flowers is negligible - one client's housekeeper mistakenly watered a Scott creation, thinking it was fresh. The secret is a simple technique passed down from Scott's mother involving silica gel, it results in colors that are both vivid and completely natural. Over her two decades in business, Scott has refined the technique to the point where she can deliver a wide variety of looks for a wide variety of clients - she can even tackle somewhat eccentric requests, like 500 white peonies for a famous singer (who shall remain nameless). In addition to "the latest trends or traditional," Scott is aces at holiday decorating, say gratified sources: "she was SUCH a help around Christmas."

Though she is always the point person for clients, Scott relies on a staff of four to keep turnaround on displays to about two weeks. Taken at face value, her prices seem fairly standard, but factored out over a year of use and compared with the expense of fresh flowers, Scott's work is a big (and beautiful) bargain. More so than price, however, clients appreciate the convenience of not having to deal with the hassle of fresh flowers, and they are quick to praise Scott herself, saying: "if every service I used was as friendly, simple, and reliable as Barbra's, my life would be so much easier."

Representative Client Comments:
"The breadth of her work goes beyond just flowers - her displays can incorporate all different kinds of textural elements." "I see her twice a year and it's always a pleasure." "I still buy fresh flowers from time to time, and use them alongside Barbra's displays. It's a great combination." "The possibilities are endless. She can do small scale, large scale, whatever." "She has a very nuanced sense of color." "Her attention to detail is impressive - I suggested we use a cherry blossom branch in a display. She wanted to know how many buds there should be, how far along they should be towards blooms, and so on." "My pieces definitely last a year." "I particularly love her roses and hydrangeas." "She's very trustworthy. You know what you're getting, and she stands behind what she does." "Reliable, predictable, and cost-effective." "Her service is simple: it's plug and play."

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