Franklin Report Report Card for Charlotte Moss, LLC in New York City
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Charlotte Moss, LLC

177 E 70th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 308-7088
Main Contact: Charlotte Moss

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Elegant, timeless interior design

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FR Review:
Charlotte Moss is one of today’s great names in interior design. Her success is built upon extraordinary talent, a love of the process and an indefatigable spirit. This makes the journey with Moss not only rewarding and exciting, but fun, too. She takes pride in getting a luscious, layered, English-with-ease look, mixed with Southern spirit. Known for mixing exuberant colors, fine antiques and stylistically engaging pieces of interest, Moss has forged a signature American classic. She is said to listen well and to encourage clients to develop their own distinctive and personal styles, using collections or signature colors.

Clients include Wall Street bankers and others who appreciate her professionalism and straightforward approach. Recent projects include New York apartments and large homes in California, Connecticut, Colorado and the Hamptons. About half a dozen commissions are ongoing, with a staff of nine. Moss is said to be very warm, quite accessible and a consummate professional. Previously, Moss spent a decade on Wall Street, which explains her excellent organizational skills and strong back office (itself a proving ground for the next generation of star designers). She has a large cadre of repeat customers, who appreciate her ability to limit the budget by selecting a few very high-quality items, then filling in the rest with flea market or reproductions found worldwide.

In her designing role, Moss advises on garden plans, entertaining needs and the building of book and other collections. She also creates furniture and decorative accessories under license, authors decorating books, lectures widely, and devotes significant time to philanthropic causes. Both clients and peers give her the highest praise, saying “the work is absolutely stunning.”

Representative Client Comments:

“Charlotte allows her clients’ visions and taste to shine through, with her inspiration.” “She steers you in the right direction with tact and grace.” “Charlotte is so real. While now a big time New York success, she is at heart a small-town Southern girl who has been shopping at flea markets since she was a child.” “The best possible design available today.” “Truly gifted designer with old-school graciousness–she takes the time to regularly craft handwritten thank-you notes.” “As a small sidenote, they use lighting very cleverly.” “A Southern interpretation of the English tradition.” “Some people call her the Diva of Design, I call her the Goddess of Design. She’s an intuitive thinker with an amazing perspective.” “She has a handpicked client list.” “Charlotte did a fabulous job at finding the perfect compromise between my husband and me.” “If you listen to her and follow her advice to the letter, you’ll end up with a flawless house.” “I can not imagine her working with an indecisive client, it would drive her crazy.” “She continues to design because she is passionate about it.” “When I came home after a difficult installation, my favorite flowers were planted everywhere.” “The day after I finished my house I was offered twice what I put into it.”

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