Franklin Report Report Card for LBDA/Laura Bohn Design Associates in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
LBDA/Laura Bohn Design Associates
122 W. 26th Street
Suite 1204
New York, NY 10001
(212) 645-3636
Main Contact: Laura Bohn
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
High-end, contemporary, harmonious interior design

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FR Review:
Calmness and character abundantly and integrally offer a counterpoint in thought and form in the spaces designed by Laura Bohn. Clients applaud Bohn's unpretentious, intriguingly style and helpful attitude. They also appreciate her extensive design background, which includes a degree from Pratt, training with John Saladino (leading to the senior designer position), and over twenty years of practice in her own firm. Bohn's taste tends toward clean contemporary lines mixed with unusual antiques, quirky highlights and brushed in layered, muted neutral hues. There are often more than eight different fabrics in a room--usually in the same hushed tones, yet in different textures.

References report that Bohn is most comfortable doing a few complete renovations of substantial size per year, working with a full budget. Known to be flexible and practical, with "form following function" and comfort ruling all, furnishings are full-sized and welcoming. Bohn is reportedly very organized and available, with a strong back office that can answer most any day-to-day questions.

Bohn charges a design fee of approximately ten percent of the budget and then charges a reasonable markup over net on products. Mindful of the customer's expenses, Bohn is willing to combine expensive antiques and exquisite Italian lighting with the latest from IKEA or Conran's. ID Hall of Fame.

Representative Client Comments:
"The queen of soft modern." "She is a seasoned professional. What she sketched is exactly what you get, and it is always perfect." "Laura has a very defined portfolio. If you share her perspective, then you will love what she does to your house." "Functional for family use." "The firm has an extensive library of resources at the office that makes most decision making a breeze." "She uses the unexpected, but in a relaxed way." "I paid most vendors directly, so I knew exactly where we stood financially." "She doesn't back down from her decisions." "She is strong enough to voice her opinion but good about listening to the client." "You're dealing with a true artist, which means the results are great, but sometimes the process is vague." "I was hysterical when she used six different shades of green in a single space, but she was absolutely right--it looks rich, yet homogeneous and peaceful." "Bohemian, urban, chic." "Unbelievable sense of color, every room is gorgeous and exciting. She delivers the highest quality."

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