Franklin Report Report Card for Gracious Home in New York City
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Gracious Home
1210 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-6300
Kitchen & Bath
Appliance Repair

Services & Specialties
High-end hardware and home department store

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FR Review:
Fans recommend Gracious Home as a terrific place to shop for pretty much everything for the home and more: from hardware to china to really all you can imagine for the home, including literally, the kitchen sink. The variety is impressive and with their high volume, they have done an amazing job at figuring out what the majority of the Upper East Side prefers in style and brand. There are $1,500 French jacquard sheet sets resting near $5 plastic hooks, and the latest technologies in highly-helpful silicone furniture slides in-between. The pricing actually is fairly reasonable given their prime real estate location. With a "no hassle" return policy, Gracious Home enables you to test different bathroom fixtures, towels, knobs and accessories "in situ" to see what looks best in your light.

Clients currently report that the situation has dramatically changed after the highly-publicized recent 2010 bankruptcy and takeover. While certain departments and certain salespeople are still highly impressive (the appliance repair operation and several of the lighting personnel, for example), the majority of the salespeople appear overworked, inexperienced and/or uncaring to the point beyond acceptable. Also, the stock, understandably, is much lower than before. Unfortunately, if you live in the neighborhood, there really are no other great choices. Presumably the store, a mainstay since the 1960s, will work out these issues and return it its former glory.

Representative Client Comments:
"An amazing selection of appliances." "They totally understand their market." "Great for so many things: from lamps to shades to lamp repair." "The guys in hardware are not at all helpful." "Helpful to you and friendly to my dog." "We practically live at Gracious Home."

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Posted 2/14/2011
Reviewed By:
Wendy Dewey New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Good pricing, but the staff is unbelievably rude, especially in paint and hardware. Try to avoid those departments.
Work Quality
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Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
Over the last 20 years in on the Upper East Side, I have totally depended upon Gracious Home. Amazingly, given their location and assumed rental costs, I have always been astonished that the pricing seems quite in line with much less glamourous and/or out of the way locations.

Also, the staff was always quite helpful. This changed completely with the recent bankruptcy. I clearly understand that they are tryng to make ends meet, but the staff in the paint and the hardware sections are not only incompetent, but rude. Truly inexcusable in general, and especially since most of their clientele are used to excellent service. There is no way I would ever go back for paint supplies - go to Janovic. The extra cab fare is clearly a good investment. On hardware like screws and knobs, I am still looking for a good alternative.
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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Posted 2/14/2011
Reviewed By:
Verified Review
Toby Halifax New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Still good product, but staffing is an issue. Find Matthew!
Work Quality
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Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
Having just finished a large apartment renovation, I think I was at Gracious Home almost every day last summer. They are totally wonderful about letting you test a wide variety of objects in your home, and returning them the next day, which was so very helpful.

The only issue is the staffing. However, if you are careful, you can still find some wonderful salespeople. I would highly recommend that you ONLY ask for Matthew McCarty in lighting. He is truly amazing: remarkably good taste, incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable and professional. If he doesn't know the answer, he will find out quickly and get back to you. I even drag him across the street to help me there, if necessary.
        Cost of Project: $1,001 - 10,000
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