Franklin Report Report Card for Fiber-Seal of New York in New York City
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Fiber-Seal of New York
160 East 56th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-1070
Main Contact: Sima Mittman
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Upholstery & Window Treatments - Cleaning & Repair

Services & Specialties
Upholstery fabric sealing

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FR Review:
A force-field against stains? One could call it that. Clients tell us that Fiber-Seal provides an invaluable service to protect upholstery from staining. These professionals spray an invisible and stain-repellent coating on any home fabric, including upholstery, draperies, lampshades, and bedspreads. Fiber-Seal's service comes with a solid eighteen-month warranty. If the fabric becomes stained and the cleaning products the firm provides won't get it out, Fiber-Seal will return to your home and remove the stain at no additional cost. The cost of the seal is not insubstantial, but customers say the service is well worth it to protect their original upholstery investment.

Representative Client Comments:
"They must be doing something right, as there was a one-month wait for an appointment." "There was a smell when the seal was applied." "Quick and painless, but expensive."

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