Franklin Report Report Card for AC Klem Plumbing & Heating in New York City
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AC Klem Plumbing & Heating
37-24 33rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 433-2400
Main Contact: Arthur Klem, Mike Hannon

Services & Specialties
Plumbing installation; pipe and drain cleaning specialists

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FR Review:
With a history reaching back over 60 years, over 60 on staff and a booming uptown business (their dark-blue trucks are Upper East Side fixtures), AC Klem is recognized as one of the city’s better plumbers. The firm mainly does large renovations and new construction to the trade but keeps its existing clients happy with 24-hour emergency service and radio-dispatched trucks. AC Klem also installs and repairs radiant heating systems and condensation pipes for AC units. Clients say the firm provides highly skilled and friendly service, delivering “top, top” quality to both residential and commercial clients in New York. Most references report that the staff is reliable and trustworthy, and that the company’s response times are hard to beat—though some have noticed the occasional tardy crew. In terms of the final result: above-average costs are reflected in above-average quality.

Representative Client Comments:
“Everyone says best of the best.” “Great guys. Great company.” “They were late arriving to the job site.” “Call them for big projects.”

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Posted 5/19/2014
Reviewed By:

Bottom Line:
Used them for many projects and I've realized they don't respect the client's or GC's time - they are habitually late. Their work on waste lines (critical to good plumbing) that should last years only lasts 3-5 years.
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Project Description & Comments:
I have now worked with AC KLEM 12 times.They were always late. I assumed plumbers were late. Not true. Four years ago I had my General Contractor hire KLEM to do all the plumbing renovation for the bathrooms. KLEM argued with GC and were days late to work. The waste line they connected to a toilette has been leaking for 7 months now. Since I photographed the work before it was covered up with tile, we were able to locate the leak to the connection the AC KLEM plumbers made. They will now have to break up the tile (4 years old only) and redo the whole waste system.
A second toilette that KLEM installed 5 years ago is leaking at the flex pipe (outside the wall). They were, yet again, 6 hours late arriving to the job. They came knowing the model number of said toilette and flex pipe yet came unprepared.
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