Franklin Report Report Card for Timothy Whealon Inc. in New York City
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Timothy Whealon Inc.
23 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 249-2153
Main Contact: Timothy Whealon
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Classic, simple, elegant interior design

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FR Review:
Timothy Whealon conjures lovely moments wielding fine-hewn lines, curated antiques and generous light. Seamlessly blending the formal with the casual, linen Ikat pillows are playful strewn across a bespoke sofa, while a classical statuette stands guard on the windowsill above. In Whealon's hands, fussy traditional spaces become joyful homes, and modern rooms are elevated with warmth. In all cases, he works with clients closely to create a true collection that reflects their tastes, life story and lifestyle.

Whealon’s background is split between art history and finance, with impressive credentials in both fields art. He studied art history at the University of Edinburgh and was hand-picked by executive management for an apprenticeship at Sotheby's. On the business side, he completed the training program at Manufacturers Hanover Trust and spent three and a half years there. Whealon has often applied both sets of skills to clients’ advantage - he’s overseen several successful auctions at Christie’s for collections including those of his former clients. Clients appreciate this blend of artistic nous and financial acumen, saying that you “get the best of both worlds.”

Whealon founded this eponymous firm in 1994, immediately taking on large-scale projects. Currently, he fields a staff of five, taking on four to six jobs a year, ranging from Southampton to London to Monaco. Clients describe him as “smart and fun,” with a self-deprecating sense of humor and enthusiasm for his craft. Not one for small projects, Whealon doesn't usually take jobs with a total budget of less than $750,000. He charges an upfront design fee and a markup commensurate with the high quality of the work. Clients note that Whealon doesn't skimp on custom items, but that he can figure out ways to stick to the budget. Above all, they commend his affable manner, deep pool of knowledge, and impeccable taste. KB, 2004. Elle Decor A-list.

Representative Client Comments:
"His style is sophisticated while his execution is reliable and timely." "I didn't like any of the bathtubs that he showed me, so he managed to get something from Italy that had never been imported to the US before." "Sotheby's trained, he has a great eye for works of art across the spectrum. " "Everything was original, everything was custom." "Very simple, luxurious materials." "Likes working with young couples." "Couldn't have been sweeter with my children." "Can work within a budget, but doesn't love talking money." "He's never insulted if you want to go with something different than what he chose." "I trust him for everything non structural." "Top-drawer talent for a reasonable price." "Really went out of his way for us." "Tim deeply cares about giving you something that's perfect for you."

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Posted 10/2/2014
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Sonia Cattermole New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
An unsung hero with truly refined taste
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Project Description & Comments:
He's top-drawer talent - a classic American look edited to perfection. He knows art and antiques given his Sotheby's background. He's quiet, smart, the real deal, and affordable to boot.
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