Franklin Report Report Card for Kenne Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC in New York City
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Kenne Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC

54 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 206-6336
Main Contact: Kenne Shepherd

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Creating elegant, sophisticated, contemporary residences

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FR Review:
Well-honed materials, a sophisticated use of lighting and a clean, contemporary aesthetic are consistent factors in the works of Kenne Shepherd. While Shepherd is known for interiors featuring neutral whites and beiges with strong, clean lines and restrained, geometric luxe, many projects incorporate a richer, warmer palette, offering "a retreat from the chaos of daily life." Shepherd believes that a strong collaborative process "brings out the best" elements of each client's identity and personal style.

On all projects, the company distinguishes itself with its professionalism, attention to detail, and a strong analytical approach. Founded in 1993, the firm has a staff of five, which handles about five residential renovation projects annually. Shepherd grew up in Idaho and graduated from architecture school there. While the firm often works for high-profile luxury fashion designers and retailers, they have been doing substantially more residential work as of late. Shepherd uses her insights and skills in developing trademark showroom branding to the home. Commercial clients have included Lancôme, Wolford America, Nicole Miller, Nars, Bergdorf Goodman's men's store, Calvin Klein's Madison Avenue flagship store, and Salvatore Ferragamo's six-year U.S. market expansion. The back office is notably strong, reflecting its ability to deal with multinational corporations.

Residential projects generally start with budgets of $200,000. Shepherd often works on a standard hourly rate or may charge a percentage of construction. Clients say that she is creative in her use of less expensive--yet still luxurious--materials, sometimes those that are often used in commercial applications. Clients rave about Shepherd, applauding her strong work ethic, honest and straightforward attitude, process capabilities and the effortless yet uplifting designs.

Representative Client Comments:
"Shepherd's designs invigorate and uplift the spirit." "Very easy to work with, very down to earth." "There is nothing extraneous--reminds us of a commercial look in its drama and fun energy." "Kenne was very innovative. Used materials that were less known in the residential marketplace." "The monochromatic whites would not be highly practical for kids, but this was our pied-a-terre." "A show piece." "The way she added built-ins to optimize space was seamless and dramatically expanded the apartment's functionality." "Kenne is a perfectionist and doesn't settle. She's determined to deliver exactly what you want, even if going back to the drawing board means she won't make money on it." "The look is formal and traditional but also comfortable. It matches our lifestyle and is very New York." "Pleasant, responsive, excellent taste." "The fact after hiring her for my home I brought her into my professional life and had her design my business says a lot." "Kenne's ability to interpret your ideas and transform them into reality is unparalleled." "Integrity, commitment, flawlessness."

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