Franklin Report Report Card for Decorative Art & Design in New York City
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Decorative Art & Design

418 Lakeside Drive
Stamford, CT 06903
(914) 673-5001
Main Contact: Mile Djuric

Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

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Services & Specialties
Extraordinary plasters and decorative painting

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FR Review:
Mile Djuric of Decorative Art & Design has created a fan base that is a virtual who’s who of New York–yet we hear he remains down to earth and wonderful to work with. The designers and architects that Djuric collaborates with often hire him to work in their own homes in addition to those of their clients. In the design community, this is the highest compliment.

The Yugoslavian-born and largely self-taught Djuric constantly strives for excellence. Djuric is said to pick apart common problems in the industry, so that he can make sure they do not happen on his projects. In business since 1990, Djuric focuses on the artful application of decorative plasters in every imaginable form. We hear this master of color uses rare techniques and continually experiments to come up with new ideas. From twenty different plasters to satin, flat, mica and glossy finishes, clients are thrilled with the results. While he’s not the cheapest guy on the block, Djuric’s work leaves customers in awe.

Representative Client Comments:
“An innovator, and he is always pushing to be the best.” “Mile’s style is not only beautiful but extremely inventive, it’s not your average wall finish, this is art.” “He is my favorite craftsman to work with–insightful, professional and above all–talented.” “Mile is a true gem.” “He is great with clients, and stands behind every job he does. I’m fortunate to know him.” “A wonderful artist and businessman.” “Djuric is such an interesting person– he is so talented, and when you get to know him, you immediately have a friend.” “Not only is Mile wonderful, he assembled a staff of artisans who are equally as nice to have on any project.” “I wish all of my contractors were just like Mile.”

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