Franklin Report Report Card for Amnet PC Solution in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Amnet PC Solution
226 East 54th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 935-9200
Main Contact: Kevin Afghahi
Computer Installation & Maintenance

Services & Specialties
Data recovery specialists

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FR Review:
A small firm specializing in data recovery, they’re the guys to call when you spill that Frappuccino on your laptop. Since 1988, Amnet has provided individuals and small to mid-sized Manhattan companies with a variety of networking and IT services for PC systems (for Macs, the company will only recover data and do light repair). Almost two decades in business is a good track record for a fast-changing industry–the firm has survived by primarily focusing on recovering lost data; they’re maybe not at the top of people’s lists for other services. However, anyone who has dropped a flash drive into the sink or clicked “delete” when they meant to click “save” will appreciate how vital Amnet’s specialty can be. The “courteous and capable” staff of four have all passed background checks (a necessity given the potentially sensitive nature of the business). In addition to its work for individuals, Amnet has done work for small businesses and institutions like Columbia College. Rates, based around an upfront estimate and charged by the project, are in line with industry standards.

Representative Client Comments:
“Very reliable and trustworthy. We’ve used them for five years, and have found no reason to switch to another company.” “No major complaints–a nice and responsive company.” “A solid option for data recovery, not sure about other services.” “Can get files back once you’ve already given up on them.”

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