Franklin Report Report Card for Windows & Walls in New York City
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Windows & Walls
1745 1st ave
New York, NY 10128
(212) 472-4800
Main Contact: Victoria Gorelik
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Custom window treatments, wall upholstery, and reupholstery

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FR Review:
Top designers describe Victoria Gorelik of Windows & Walls as "a goddess." Gorelik, who will go to great lengths for her clients, runs a "solid, helpful, reasonable and reachable" firm. It's no wonder that the trade flocks to this small shop for upholstered walls, window seats, custom window treatments and its reupholstery service.

Fans say owner Gorelik has a can-do attitude, asks all the right questions and knows her business. The shop provides an abundant selection of fabrics, from basic to Ralph Lauren and some other top lines. Its work for luxury retail establishments and Manhattan high-end residential customers is considered to be of exceptional quality without the super high prices, and designers note the staff is as "sweet and friendly" as they come.

Representative Client Comments:
"Fantastic! I use them solely for all my curtains." "They can work around a whole construction team which is not the easiest thing to do." "I give her 75% of my work and I use her in my own home." "The word NO is seldom used in Victoria's vocabulary." "Make sure you write everything out clearly so there's no misunderstanding with her workers." "She is not a nickel and dime person." "Installation goes off without a hitch." "I was recommended to them by a client of mine who has extremely high standards and I was blown away." "Gorelik drove three hours to fix someone else's mistake." "They return your call immediately." "The bottom line, they do beautiful work."

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