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Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory

526 West 26th Street
Suite 303
New York, NY 10001
(646) 823-4454
Main Contact: Elizabeth Sadoff

Art & Antiques Services
Art Advisors/Consultants

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Services & Specialties
A consultant who was also a fine artist

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FR Review:
Elizabeth Sadoff brings a lifetime of experience as a practicing artist to her consulting business. Having worked with a variety of different materials over the years - she was a sculptor, mural painter and printmaker - provides her with a broad understanding of the art market and a tremendous sense of style. The majority of Sadoff’s clients are interior decorators, who praise her impeccable taste, familiarity with the interior design process, and flexibility working over phone and email (even across multiple time zones.) Typically, a decorator will show her the design concept for a room and she will procure pieces to go along with it. Sadoff also will take on individuals to help build their collections, and these clients tell us that they appreciate her low-key manner, efficiency and enthusiasm.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Sadoff worked as a fine artist and even owned a mural painting company in the 1990’s. In 2000, she moved on to curating, as a gallery director at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica and later a corporate art sales specialist at David Findlay Jr. Fine Arts in New York. She started her own consulting firm in 2009 with a lean towards contemporary practitioners and abstract expressionism. We hear that she is particularly adept keeping under budget while also staying within a client’s desired style. She is paid on commission by the gallery or artist from which the pieces are purchased, so clients buy the art at the retail price. When she manages the framing or installation of the pieces, Sadoff charges an average markup on those services. Clients looking for entrée into the high-powered world of buying Renaissance masterpieces at auction should probably look elsewhere, but for those who want a great eye at a great cost, definitely speak to Sadoff.

Representative Client Comments:
“I acquired approximately twenty paintings through Elizabeth.” “She is a terrific New York contact.” “Nothing fell through the cracks, and she was always on top of everything.” “Flexible on price.” “We did a residence in London and one in Saudi Arabia. I am based in LA, and despite being in different time zones, I was able to work with her easily over the phone.” “As an experienced designer, I agree with her taste.” “Great connections in the industry.” “She immediately puts work in front of me that I like.” "For me, the arena of Fine Art is a daunting one. Generally, our clients have art collections that we work with, but on the occasion that they have none, Elizabeth is our 'go-to' art consultant." "Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is happy to work at almost any budget level. In other words, she’s not an “art snob”, and puts her client’s best interests before her own." "No job to big or small." "Above all, Elizabeth is professional and a pleasure to deal with." "She not only sources and presents options for art work, but will also provide the service of rendering how the art and/or grouping of pieces will look in said space." "She’ll even go as far to work with framers." "A real full service, which we adore!"

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Posted 1/18/2012
Reviewed By:
Darrell Schmitt Los Angeles ,CA

Bottom Line:
Very professional. A joy to work with.
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Project Description & Comments:
As a designer, I hired Elizabeth to help me acquire ten pieces for a home that I was decorating. Elizabeth consistently put work in front of me that I loved. She understood my scheme immediately. She a wonderful sense of style and taste.
        Cost of Project: $250,001 - 500,000
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