Franklin Report Report Card for Orsini Design Associates in New York City
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Orsini Design Associates

330 East 59th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 371-8400
Main Contact: Susan Orsini

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Updated classic and contemporary interior design

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FR Review:
Assured, clear and immensely capable, Susan Orsini quickly assesses each situation and delivers the appropriate product. Leaning toward updated classic designs, reflecting the interests of her client base, she also has successfully completed Art Deco and more contemporary works. All designs are appreciated for their bold, tailored lines and their livability.

The majority of the firm’s work is residential, mostly for prominent business executives (including their boats and planes), though Orsini is open to smaller projects with new clients. The firm also specializes in office, commercial and hospitality work, including projects for Chanel, Goldman Sachs, Disney’s first two cruise ships and notable U.S. ambassadors’ residences. In all cases, Orsini is commended for her acute attention to detail, professional manner and excellent client service.

Orsini is reputed to deliver exactly on budget and on schedule. New clients are charged a design fee and products are purchased for a reasonable percentage over net. The firm spends a great deal of time with clients doing research and planning, and often recommends complete reconfiguration. All levels of product are considered, from the finest French silks to Crate & Barrel. The firm often implements winter and summer maintenance programs for its customers and has embraced new home technologies such as state-of-the art home theaters and integrated systems.

While there is a “very capable” staff of nine, Orsini oversees all client relationships. She has been a constant presence on Interior Design Magazine’s top 200 list since 1987. Many of her first clients are still with her today.

Representative Client Comments:
“Susan’s style reflects the ease and comfort necessary for very busy people, who often have several houses to keep up.” “She has a strategic plan for everything, which was very appealing to my husband who is used to that sort of thing.” “She was the first designer in New York to understand our interest in modern California comfort.” “Can bring grandeur to even the smallest Manhattan apartment.” “They are open 24/7 and can make things happen faster than a speeding bullet, even if Susan is out of town.” “Her designs work. There is always an electrical outlet where you need one.” “She has gotten to know my design preferences so well that she will send me the same photo in this month’s AD that I planned to send her, before I get to it.” “A real businesswoman—professional, through and through.” “She has no patience for slackers.” “Susan checks every penny the contractors spend and will always win any disputes with them.”

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