Franklin Report Report Card for Penn & Fletcher Embroidery Inc. in New York City
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Penn & Fletcher Embroidery Inc.
307 West 36th Street
Number 309 Store Front
New York, NY 10018
(212) 239-6868
Main Contact: Ernie Smith
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Trade Only--Embroidery artisans and designers

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FR Review:
Penn & Fletcher stands in a league of its own. No one else even attempts to do what this firm accomplishes on a regular basis. Using patterns and techniques long forgotten by all except a few scholars of eighteenth-century decorative arts, the company recreates and/or uniquely composes embroidery motifs too large and too complicated for others. Their scope is limited only by the imagination–and they stretch that, too. The showroom includes an endless variety of house patterns (more cost effective), embroidery samples, picture albums, a research library and thread stocks. Top tier decorators say embroidery work "doesn't get better than this."

Since 1986, the firm's custom embroidery has been commissioned by many of New York's most elite decorators for drapery borders, valances, chair seats and backs, headboards, canopies and bed curtains, bed covers, table covers, sofas, wall coverings, fabric screens and pillows. Once a concept is established, the firm creates an estimate, a sketch and a swatch for the designer's approval. Usually, a muslin pattern of the upholstery fabric is required to custom-fit the pattern to the shape. Close collaboration between all parties is necessary, and it can be time consuming to create the ultimate result.

All of the work is done in Penn & Fletcher's Long Island City workroom, across from the Queensboro Bridge. Owner Ernie Smith, who is the designing inspiration, has legendary and contagious enthusiasm. The staff is equally professional. Projects can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks.

Representative Client Comments:
"I go in with an idea and scout their fabulous library of books. Metculous results are what follows." "Ernie really makes each project so special. We try to use Penn & Fletcher whenever we can." "Once you have seen the work that can be produced, you are hooked." "They continue to be unmatched in their field." "Revered by celebrity designers." "Not only are they faithful to the past but are very much on top of today's trends, pushing the edge of the design envelope." "While some of the projects can get beyond pricey, they are also good about scaling back to get a certain look for a contained cost." "Just the best." "They will not think about executing until the design is exactly perfect." "Could not be nicer or better at what they do." "The Michelangelo of Embroidery."

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