Franklin Report Report Card for Schermerhorn Interior Design in New York City
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Schermerhorn Interior Design

52 East End Avenue
Suite 7B
New York, NY 10028
(212) 355-5670
Main Contact: Donald Schermerhorn

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Clean-lined, traditional interior design

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FR Review:
Donald Schermerhorn is an industry veteran who approaches his work with a sense of calm and confidence. Unsurprisingly, his designs reflect this casual e´lan: they read as graceful, simple and assured. Why play games with trendy chairs and splashy colors when a masterfully balanced palette of blues and creams, livened up by smart mid-century pieces, will stay chic for years? Of course, Schermerhorn follows the client’s lead on style, and it is in the client service department where he earns highest marks. Devoted followers say that he keeps projects moving quickly, is always available by phone and has a solution to every problem (and a joke to add a little levity to the sometimes humorless renovation process). Over the years Schermerhorn has passed on many opportunities to grow, preferring to keep his business a one-man show. As such, he only takes on a select number of projects per year.

Schermerhorn is a longtime design professional, having worked for both commercial and residential designers before stepping out on his own in 1994. Based on the Upper East side for years, much of his work is local (and therefore convenient for frequent jobsite check-ups). However, he has taken on more rural projects and jobs as far afield as Florida. Over the years he has exhibited at Kips Bay and other showhouses, but when references and industry professionals speak of Schermerhorn, they primarily talk about client satisfaction, not media attention. He is, as one put it, “devoted to his clients.” Returning the favor, his clients tend to be devoted to him. They appreciate not only his expertise, but also his standardized billing process (prices are fair if not cheap).

Representative Client Comments:
“Such a gentleman.” “Nothing crazy or overstylized, just tasteful work.” “Knows his clients and knows how to make them happy.” “Donald is a steady presence, and incredibly reliable.”

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