Franklin Report Report Card for Figlia & Sons Inc. in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Figlia & Sons Inc.
746 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 686-0094
Main Contact: Rob Carollo
Air Conditioning & Heating

Services & Specialties
Incremental HVAC sales, installation and service

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FR Review:
Figlia & Sons is a mid-sized HVAC company with a focus on residential service—their goal is to have a friendly, smart tech at your door before your thermometer boils over. In business for over 50 years, this family-owned company fields a staff of 100, with seventeen trucks spread out over Manhattan and the outer boroughs. This considerable fleet gives them a quick response time on service calls—they tend to show up within 24 hours, sources say. Two large warehouses, as well as sister companies that handle specialty work, mean that Figlia can handle most any problem (or product) that comes their way. They’re especially recommended for work on Simonaire products, which the firm will sell direct to homeowners.

Generally speaking, Figlia is more focused on individual units than central air systems, and they’re more active in the upper-middle tier of the market than the absolute top end. However, the company is said to be “very respectful and courteous” and will work with booties and dropcloths to keep sites clean. As is the case with many companies of Figlia’s size, some customers have mixed experiences, but overall the word on the street is quite positive. References report prices, either for individual units or service contracts, are competitive.

Representative Client Comments:
“Can pretty much handle whatever you throw at them.” “A solid mid-level company that does what they say they will.” “When manufacturers can’t come through, we call them.” “One of the few companies in Manhattan that does what it says and charges reasonable prices.” “Their office may officially close at 5, but you can often get the owner on the phone until 7.”

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