Franklin Report Report Card for I'll Hang For You in New York City
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I'll Hang For You
1804 Third Ave., Ste. #6
New York, NY 10029
(212) 348-1225
Main Contact: Cary Cornell
Art Installation

Services & Specialties
Top-tier art installation and hanging

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FR Review:
Raised by prominent art dealers, Cary Cornell's pool of art biz knowledge is deeper than most––his experience goes back to age twelve, when he would stretch canvasses to earn pocket money. Though he's been working with paintings in various capacities ever since, his art design and installation business began in 1998. The process is simple: First, Cornell and a two-man team come to an apartment and work with the owner to decide on an arrangement. Design, safety, and conservation factors are all taken into consideration. The team then carefully positions each frame and affixes it to the wall by the least intrusive method possible. Cornell reports that he has never damaged a piece, though his exhaustive insurance policy would cover it if he did. High-profile clients (including some of the top decorators in New York) report that he is knowledgeable, careful, thorough, and professional. You can also have Cornell's team do light contracting and renovation work. His rates are certainly high end, but we hear that you only have to hire Cornell once.

Representative Client Comments:
"Once he hangs a painting or a mirror, it's never crooked again." "Takes his job extremely seriously." "Not particularly cheap, but he takes the time to make sure it's perfect."

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