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Rug Wash Inc.
36 East 31st Street,
Suite 402
New York, NY 10016
(800) 784-9274
Main Contact: Benjamin Hatooka
Carpets & Rugs
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair; flooring installation and maintenance

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FR Review:
A reliable option that covers a wide range of services, Rug Wash is on many Park Avenue shortlists when fabric problems arise. Aside from selling handmade area rugs, Rug Wash also cleans and repairs rugs and wall-to-wall carpets, upholstery, fabric walls, drapery and fabric blinds. The company’s flooring division also handles installation, sanding and finishing of all types of floors.

Even before establishing the company in 1980, owner Benjamin Hatooka, a chemist by trade, had a number of rug dealers come to him asking him to change the colors of rugs to make them look old. Antiquing is still one of the fi rm’s strong points. Serving residential and commercial interiors mostly in Manhattan, as well as in some parts of Los Angeles, Florida, Boston, Philadelphia, Virginia and Canada, Rug Wash is an upstanding member of the Oriental Rug Importers Association and The National Wood Flooring Association. Over the years, the team at Rug Wash has worked on many significant commercial projects including Best Buy, Modell’s, Applebee’s and the New York Design Center.

Pricing is generally per square foot, and sources describe the firm’s prices as moderate. Minimums for area rug cleaning start at $50, carpet cleaning starts at $150 per project, and flooring installation and refinishing start at $500. Clients like the fi rm’s “reliable, prompt service” and delivery, and appreciate Hatooka’s good work ethic.

Representative Client Comments:
“Gets the job done.” “Knows his business.” “Prompt. Very good work.” “Fair prices for efficient service.” “I can always count on them. Benjamin will personally drive and deliver the rugs–even on a weekend.” “Very professional staff.” “The rug cleaning was excellent. However, the damage was not assessed correctly and I ended up paying more for a service I did not actually need.” “Always reachable–his calls are forwarded to his cellphone after hours!” “Does very religious work on each of my rugs.”

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Posted 4/6/2011
Reviewed By:
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June Zaccone New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Frustrating. Not recommended. Excellence of the cleaning job was more than offset by sense of being misled.
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Project Description & Comments:
Rug cleaning was excellent. However, a representative of the associated company, Central Rug and Carpet Cleaning, assessed my rug's white spots as indicating a moth infestation, which would ruin the rug. A web search that afternoon contradicted:"small white or off-white spots that appear at random in a few, or sometimes many, places on the rug surface. These "spots" are actually knots from the rug's cotton foundation yarns that have worked their way up to the surface of the rug." So I called early the next day to cancel, thought I had, but the following day was told treatment had already been done. Assured that I'd be emailed an explanation, I paid. After several calls, they sent a description totally at odds with the white spots, which I answered: “Your note refers to "bare spots" and "skeletal- appearing patch". My rug has NO bare spots OR skeletal-appearing patches--just white spots.” Several calls, promise of inspection of my rug, promises of a better explanation over 2 mos., neither of which happened, has led me to conclude my first assumption was correct: I had been misled and overcharged by several hundred dollars.
        Cost of Project: $1,001 - 10,000
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