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Antiquity Preservation LLC
By Appointment Only
New Milford, NJ 07646
(201) 261-8147
Main Contact: Dennis DeCarlo
Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Museum-quality antique restoration and refinishing

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FR Review:
Dennis DeCarlo earns praise from both professionals and private clients for his wealth of knowledge and kind nature. DeCarlo specializes in 18th- and 19th-century English furniture, but completes just as much work on Continental and Eastern pieces as well. Sources praise DeCarlo’s work in structural repair, marquetry, carving, turning and French polishing, as well as the reproduction jobs he will complete on occasion. Labeled an “expert” with veneers, DeCarlo is said to be completely honest and reliable. Clients appreciate the regular maintenance service the firm offers—they restore and maintain the existing patina of a piece instead of stripping and refinishing it constantly.

Prior to running his company, DeCarlo worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, reproducing sculptures to be sold in the museum’s gift shop. He later moved to Sotheby’s, where he was a senior-furniture restorer. In 1992, he established Antiquity Preservation. Pricing for on-site work is typically $160/hour for a two-man crew, while in-studio jobs are $80/hour. With prominent interior designers, architects, museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors as clients, this firm has commissions mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with some jobs in the Hamptons, New Jersey, Greenwich, Newport and Florida.

Representative Client Comments:
“As a museum professional, my goal is to preserve the furniture for future generations. I choose Dennis to do that, which should tell you a lot.” “He knows his stuff, and his qualifications and credentials are incredible.” “Top-notch, no question about it.” “I couldn’t recommend anybody any better.” “One of the best restorers in the field.”

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