Franklin Report Report Card for Manhattan Shade & Glass Co. in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Manhattan Shade & Glass Co.
750 Lexington Ave,
Suite 12-123
New York, NY 10022
(212) 288-5616
Main Contact: Kathy Schulman
Upholstery & Window Treatments
Glass & Mirrors

Services & Specialties
Retail and trade--Window treatments

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FR Review:
Extraordinary service is the mantra of Manhattan Glass & Shade, a firm that sees being the best at what they do as the only acceptable result. After a recent top-to-bottom reconfiguration of the now computerized workflow system, clients happily report that the company has met its goal. Each step of the process - initial consultations, all appointments, estimates, drawings, notes, digital images, technical visits, sales orders, invoices and shop orders - is now tracked and easily accessible by the sales associates. Follow-up with all clients has become the rule. E-mail has become an intergral part of communication with the client and additional staff have been hired and trained to handle the workflow.

Manhattan is a third generation family business that has been serving clients for over 85 years. Traditionally, the firm has sold, fabricated, installed and serviced a wide variety of window treatments, glass and mirror products. In 2000, they also began to fabricate custom furniture and to offer a full range of upholstery and drapery services. Their motorized window systems continue to be a source of pride, and are often outsourced to other drapery firms of the highest quality.

The company is used exclusively by some of Manhattan's most esteemed designers, and also by many retail clients in the neighborhood and beyond. While there are over 44 employees, the staff in the front office are reportedly helpful, courteous and informed. Repeat customers have learned to rely on Manhattan Shade & Glass and feel its results are well worth the cost.

Representative Client Comments:
"Excellent work, very efficient. If there is a problem they are honest and always fix it." "I have worked with Manhattan my entire career and my mother, who was also a designer, worked with them before me." "The prices may not be the lowest around, but they are worth it." "Generally, the staff is excellent." "Less room than other providers for a decorator markup, but clearly better client service." "Response time is not a strong point. They came two weeks ago and I still do not have a quote." "They volunteered to replace the blind cords for free when the cats chewed them off a week after they were installed." "They do the impossible and they do it well."

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