Franklin Report Report Card for Juan Montoya Design in New York City
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Juan Montoya Design

330 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 421-2400
Main Contact: Juan Montoya

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Neoclassical and contemporary interior design

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FR Review:
Juan Montoya is respected by clients and peers for his exquisite juxtaposition of cultures and periods, dramatic yet restrained taste, and exceptional good manners. His contemporary design work is seen by past clients as sleek and eclectic, often merging bold South American and Asian elements into a neutral palette. More recently he has pulled the scale back, seeking to use fewer, more impactful pieces. Clients have also come to appreciate his flair for texture: Montoya combines rare woods, tapestries and fine fabrics for sumptuous effect. They usually come to him understanding that he is a master of his craft, someone with a strong aesthetic who gives voice to their dreams.

The son of a Colombian diplomat who worked in Paris and Milan before settling in New York, Montoya has an international following. Many clients are very well-established New Yorkers or South Americans with impressive collections. Many are loyalists–at least one client has completed fourteen projects with Montoya over two decades. Montoya and his office are commended for being highly professional. Experienced project directors are assigned to each commission, yet Montoya makes all design decisions—down to the buttons on every cushion—he is said to be “married to the client for the term of the project.”

Costs, sometimes charged hourly, are said to fall at the very high end of the range, with most living rooms well above $100,000. Most clients consider Montoya to be a genius and continue to use him whenever possible. ASID. AD 100. ID Hall of Fame. Elle De´cor A-List.

Representative Client Comments:
“He has an absolutely incredible eye.” “Great sources in a dozen different countries.” “He’s become a friend.” “Juan is a total gentleman with a joyful outlook.” “I was amazed how he integrated Aztec, Art Deco and Egyptian in an artfully masculine way.” “I wish that I was still a priority client for him. When he is focused on your project, no one can match that richness and complexity.” “He works like he’s solving a Rubik’s Cube, carefully lining everything up until it all matches perfectly.” “I feel as if he would spend all the time in the world with me walking up and down Madison Avenue, until we find the perfect solution.” “He has done an excellent job, evolving over the years with my changing lifestyle and design interests.” “He’s expensive, but he gets it.” “Likes to show you high-end furnishings, but will go a level down if you faint at the price tag.” “Definitely not a prima donna, he’s happy to discuss every detail with you.” “Not speedy. He takes the time to find things that you’ll like ten years from now.” “I gave him my mishmash of a priority list and he delivered a gorgeous, coherent product.”

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