Franklin Report Report Card for Robert Couturier Inc. in New York City
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Robert Couturier Inc.

271 Madison Ave
Suite 1108
New York, NY 10016
(212) 463-7177
Main Contact: Robert Couturier

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Dramatic, stylish, lush interior design

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FR Review:
Robert Couturier takes the art of interior design to an ethereally remarkable level, but neither Couturier nor his work loses its sense of levity in the process. He is renowned for creating visions that relate to historical moments, yet are infused with the presence of today. Couturier’s French influence (he spent years studying in Paris) often finds its way into his work, usually in the form of unbridled Surrealist-minded play. Clients stand back and watch in “serious amusement,” remarking that Couturier takes them on personal journeys and delivers spectacular and original thought.

While many projects are undertaken for a variety of English, French, and American tycoons (he worked on Sir James Goldsmith’s 60,000-square-foot Mexican compound, as well as projects for Princess Wolkonsky and Anne Hearst), younger clients also enjoy working with Couturier. There is a large, sophisticated team supporting Couturier, detailing each step along the way. He is willing to begin just one room at a time, knowing that the budget-constrained will return when they are able. Alternatively, he is capable of mobilizing an entire village of 2,000 workers in a remote location to get the job done correctly.

While some balk at his prices and uncompromising taste in expensive fabrics, all find him honest, and his staff helpful and responsive. Living rooms are typically in the $100,000 to $300,000 realm. Well-heeled references commend Couturier for helping them to make wise design investment decisions. Most feel that the high costs are justified for the ultimate in upscale chic. AD 100. Elle Decor A-List. AD 100 2018 & 2019.

Representative Client Comments:
“Absolutely stunning work, just unbelievable stuff.” “He can see a room and instantly know how to make it fabulous.” “Brilliantly creative, yet he always listens to the client.” “We hired him after not being pleased with our former decorator—what a difference.” “Works with the most influential people in the world—and with my friends, who own rather small apartments.” “He brought cheer and wit into our dreadfully boring Park Avenue digs.” “He is an ingenious master who knows every historical reference, but he does not take himself too seriously.” “Patient yet timely, opinionated yet accommodating.” “His sense of proportion knows no equal, his designs span the centuries.” “If ever there is an issue, he says, ‘Don’t worry about it’ and magically finds a solution.” “The harmony and tranquility one feels when one enters my apartment belies the fact that we are in New York City.” “Robert provided a heart for my home.” “He has become a significant presence in my life and a friend.”

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