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Victoria Hagan Interiors

5 Columbus Circle
19th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 888-1178
Main Contact: Taylor Buckley

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Elegant, edited interior design

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FR Review:
A recognized leader in the field, Victoria Hagan made her name as a practitioner of contemporary (and often minimalist) style–over time she has added nuanced color to her bold silhouettes. Clients praise the quality of her workmanship, the handsome and spare forms shes favors, and her incorporation of every modern comfort. Warm velvets and cashmeres enhance clean, cerebral lines. Hagan’s work is further distinguished by a generous use of fine antiques, strong architectural details, natural materials—and her eclectic embellishments. While references say that she is firm in her design opinions—she has been described by Vogue as defying the “old-school implications of the term ‘lady decorator’”–they also acknowledge that she is determined to make clients happy.

A graduate of Parsons and a member of its board, Hagan founded her firm in 1991. She accepts only a few projects per year and devotes significant attention to each one. Clients include Jack Welch in Fairfield, Revlon head Ronald Perelman, movie director Barry Sonnenfeld and the Bronfmans. Hagan also works with non-celebrities, but, project scopes remain large and serious, and no project is are undertaken without a specific commitment. It is said that the cost of Hagan’s work is quite high (with total figures usually in the generous six figures), but true to budget and well worth the expense. AD 100 2000, 2002, 2007, 2004, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2019. Elle Decor A-List.

Representative Client Comments:

“Victoria is thoughtful, smart and interesting to work with, but she is no pussycat. She gets it done.” “Her ego does not get in the way. She does what is best for the client.” “There is a peacefulness to the finished product.” “While a model of restraint, her designs have energy, with the unexpected in scale or form.” “Her office does all the shopping for you. She presents three choices and does not overload you.” “They don’t mess around with mid-sized jobs–it’s go big or go home here.” “Well-crafted, inviting work with moments of beauty.” “She has a niche and sticks to it, delivering a reliably appealing space.” “We asked Victoria to look at the historic restoration of an important building, but she would not even talk to us without a consulting contract.” “She makes a conscious effort to have a small, select clientele so as to not spread herself too thin.” “To her credit, she is at my girlfriend’s house almost every day. But it is a 30,000-square-foot house—there is a lot to do.” “Her designs are so livable—full of sunshine and with room to breathe.”

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Posted 10/3/2014
Reviewed By:
Ernest Alan Tate New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Comfort and class
Work Quality
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Project Description & Comments:
Well-crafted, inviting work with moments of beauty. Truly professional, on timing, pricing and client interaction. She has a niche and sticks to it, delivering a reliably appealing space.

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