Franklin Report Report Card for Stair Galleries & Restoration Inc. in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Stair Galleries & Restoration Inc.
33 Maple Avenue, P.O. Box 418
Claverack, NY 12513
(518) 851-2201
Main Contact: Nigel Thomas
Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Exemplary furniture reproductions and restoration; fire and water damage repair

Work Quality:
Cost Evaluation:
Value Analysis :
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FR Review:
Helmed by veteran “furniture master” Colin Stair, this fi rm combines serious expertise and a personable approach. Originally created as a spin-off from Sotheby’s internal Restoration department (which Stair himself managed), Stair Galleries went independent in 2001, though it still takes on many referrals from the esteemed auction house.

Clients laud Stair for his professional demeanor, friendly disposition and quality workmanship. His firm handles fire and water damage, repairs and refinishes for all styles and periods of furniture, and also does interior woodwork, paneling, veneering and polishing. According to references, Stair will also make expert furniture reproductions that clients say can’t be distinguished from the originals. One customer told us that when her young daughter’s favorite doll’s bed broke, a call to Stair was all that was needed. He made a house call, whisked the bed away and within two weeks, the bed was delivered “in perfect condition” for a surprisingly small fee.

Stair spends much of his time traveling all over the country for his clients. He will also assist clients at auctions, providing advice on the worth and restoration potential of pieces. References say that Stair performs expert custom work with the highest caliber of integrity and skill–at a price that is considered reasonable.

Representative Client Comments:
“When it comes to finishes, he’s the best around–and the finish is the most important and difficult task to undertake.” “A really nice guy who really is amazing at what he does.” “The service is not cheap, but it’s not nearly as much as it could be, given the quality.”

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