Franklin Report Report Card for Formia Marble in New York City
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Formia Marble
219 East 11th Avenue
Roselle, NJ 07203
(908) 259-0606
Tile, Marble & Stone - Yards & Showrooms
Tile, Marble & Stone - Installation

Services & Specialties
Granite and stone slab sales and installation

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FR Review:
Formia sells and installs a wide range of products including tiles, countertops and customized fittings. In business since 1981, patrons report Formia is a good place to get marble and granite, either by the slab or for a particular installation, but forewarn potential customers that the company does not provide repair or maintenance services. Stone or marble tile is manufactured and customized right in Formia's warehouse--where the firm also has a limited supply of ceramics. Formia services both homeowners and the trade, and the company offers a guarantee on all of its installations. Excellent pricing is of great appeal to the client base.

Representative Client Comments:
"A good choice for stone, and reasonably priced." "They have a great set-up and a reliable team of workers at the showroom and the warehouse." "I'm pleased with the work but a little disappointed by knowing that they won't repair." "Product and service was worth the trip to Long Island City."

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