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Madeline Gelis Inc.
1035 Hull Terrace
Evanston, IL 60202
(312) 943-7464
Main Contact: Madeline Gelis, ASID
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Architectural, elegant, serene interior design

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FR Review:
Be it a farmhouse or a penthouse, Madeline Gelis delivers calm and serene interiors with character. With particular skills in historic preservation and space planning, she often contrasts traditional architectural elements with warm colors, natural materials and modern textiles to soften and enhance the look. Very high-quality millwork and strong structural details, such as neo-classical fireplace surrounds and handsome moldings, are often incorporated into Gelis's work. References also compliment her innovative perspective, detailed orientation and highly professional manner.

Gelis has been designing select interiors for over 25 years. A graduate and Board of Directors of Harrington, she has taught several design courses at her alma mater. Starting in the corporate arena, Gelis evolved into residential properties and now works mainly on Chicago's North Shore and in the city. Clients tend to be interested in excellent quality and generally work with Gelis on multiple projects. Based on her corporate training, she holds comprehensive discussions upfront with clients and provides detailed budgets and extensive floor plans.

Charges are based entirely on hourly fees, ranging from standard rates to lower ones for project managers and staff. All products are passed through to clients at net or wholesale with no markup. Given the firm's hourly-fee philosophy, all product price ranges are taken into consideration, including Crate & Barrel for children's rooms, as appropriate. Living rooms are generally in the $50,000 to $75,000 range. Patrons often return for more, confident that Gelis will enhance their space with care and creativity. ASID.

Representative Client Comments:
"Madeline saved us by being there early on in the project, incorporating innovative design into the architect's plans." "She helped us understand that we should splurge on a few good pieces and she was absolutely correct." "The value she added to our new house, particularly in enhancing the bones and the flow, easily covered her fee—and we get to live there!" "When she is with you, she is so efficient." "She worked within a budget and stayed within budget." "She is always a lady and very dependable." "We have the most beautiful home in the neighborhood thanks to Madeline."

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