Franklin Report Report Card for Michael Breseman Architects in Chicago
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Michael Breseman Architects
2911 Fawn Trail Court
Prairie Grove, IL 60012
(815) 479-0720
Main Contact: Mike Breseman

Services & Specialties
High-end residential and period architecture

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FR Review:
Michael Breseman is highly regarded for his ability to remain true to style in designing large, high-end homes in the French eclectic, French Country and Tudor Styles. We are told he is so passionate about maintaining the highest arthcitectural integrity that Breseman will turn down clients who are unwilling to meet this criteria for period-based new homes or additions and renovations to historic ones. Breseman is highly regarded for designing additions that seamlessly maintain the original structure's historic reference. Clients tell us that Breseman has been sighted driving through North Shore neighborhoods, taking photos of historic homes to catalog them and study their details for his work, which, we are told, is characterized by meticulous attention to detail.

While disciplined in his focus on authenticity, Breseman is credited with a friendly and personable manner. He has a reputation for working with clients' ideas while sticking to his own principles and the dictates of his knowledge of period design. He was educated at the Illinois Institute of Technology and is the sole principal of this four-person firm that has been in existence for the past eight years.

Breseman himself works very closely with all of his clients, and they say he is an excellent communicator who is always accessible and returns calls promptly. The firm's clientele tends to come from among the circle of well-established North Shore residents who share his respect and intellectual pursuit of design. Breseman charges by the hour and has a reputation for estimating budgets with pinpoint precision. Clients suggest that his suberb skills and agreeable demeaner are under-reflected in the firm's overall pricing.

Representative Client Comments:
"The amount of research he did was tremendous. He went up and down the neighborhood taking pictures of all the other houses to make sure ours would fit in." "His only weakness is that he's too nice." "We've recommended him to friends and they're so impressed, they wonder where this guy came from." "I think he can get more money for his services, but I didn't tell him that until we were done with our project." "His interest in really being true to an architectural style is why we chose him." "Our house burned down, so we weren't planning on building a new one, but he was sensitive to our situation when designing our new home."

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