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Richar Interiors, Inc.
1244 North Wells
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 951-0924
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Sumptuous, dramatic high-end interior design

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FR Review:
Richar is well known for his sumptuous, dramatic take on gutsy, modern design. Clients appreciate his love of rich color and transitional dynamic with a twist. Often included in the plans are unique sculptures, leather furniture, glass accents and antiquities. He is noted to have a particular sensitivity to art, subduing the interiors to complement these works. While Richar has a favored look of his own, he develops his plans with clients to achieve their ideal.

A French-Canadian, Richar established his firm in 1983, following associations with interior design firms in Columbus, Palm Springs and with Bruce Gregga. Maintaining a boutique atmosphere, Richar is applauded for the attention he lavishes upon clients, often accompanying them on shopping adventures. The firm delivers fully furnished and integrated environments, including full audio-video systems, linens and even toothbrushes.

The firm usually works on full renovations, with a typical living room costing in the $100,000+ range for interior design. A non-reimbursable design fee is charged upfront, and there are standard markups on products, plus hourly fees only for drafting or non-product consultations. Furnishings tend to be of the highest quality with corresponding costs, but the firm can work within tighter constraints for weekend homes. Many clients become lifetime fans. IIDA.

Representative Client Comments:
"While some may say that my apartment is a bit rich, I feel engulfed and embraced by its warmth.""Richar was very efficient and timely.""If any pieces were too expensive, I just vetoed them.""He makes it fun and easy and has no decorator attitude.""He went through volumes of books with me to be sure he understood just what I wanted.""I like chintz and gilt and my husband is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. Richar made us both happy.""Like magic, the installation was conducted while we were away. The experience was delightful, exquisite and satisfying.""Visitors' jaws drop in admiration and amazement.”

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