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Dirk Denison Architects
1123 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL  60607
(312) 455-1388
Main Contact: Dirk Denison

Services & Specialties
Integrated, clean residential architecture and interiors

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FR Review:
Admired for his ability to tie all elements of a project together, this highly-respected architect not only creates the architectural designs for his clients, but also does the furnishings and interiors for most projects. Typically, he handles everything from hardware to landscaping in order to create a consistent vision throughout. Dirk Denison's pared-down interiors are said to reflect a Miësian approach to materials, space and light, while also incorporating the client's lifestyle and interests. This practitioner is also known for his ability to gracefully integrate artwork -- which he considers very important to interiors -- into his designs.

Clients, decorators and contractors agree that Denison is among the best architects in Chicago, and some say they would never look elsewhere for architectural needs. Others love Denison because he makes them feel that their needs and desires are of the utmost importance to him. We're told that, because Denison is such a wonderful communicator, he is able to "transform those needs into clean, creative, architecturally intelligent designs." With clients that have recommended him to their mothers-in-law, parents and friends, this architect is also favored by contractors who say his designs are flawless, and his drawings are so complete from the start that "nothing is left to guesswork."

A graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Denison is now a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he has served as the Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs. His research and teaching now focuses on socially-conscious housing and urban development. With fees that are right in line with the rest of the top architects, clients feel that Denison and his small firm are well worth every penny.

Representative Client Comments:
"Working with Dirk is a pleasure, and the results were even more special than we anticipated." "He was always open to our ideas and wishes, but was the first to lead us in a different direction if he thought our concepts were not feasible, too costly, or would not fit in with the overall design." "Mr. Denison does meticulous work and was able to work harmoniously with us, the contractor and the interior designer. He is a real pleasure."

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