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Arlene Semel & Associates
223 West Erie Street, Suite 7NW
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 640-0000
Main Contact: Arlene Semel
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Modern eclectic with spirit

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FR Review:
Arlene Semel is consistently praised for her polished modern designs, knowledge and placement of fine objects and antiques, and for her professional operation. She is particularly known for "inspired"designs that incorporate a fulsome range of worldwide selections into a neutral ground. White upholstery, dark woods, African stools and English antiques are said to live together in "symbiotic harmony." Others commend her skills with more traditional settings, saying that she works towards the stylistic goals of the client.

The firm has been a part of the Chicago landscape for over three decades, and is an acknowledged industry leader. Clients range from superstars to young couples renovating their first home in the suburbs. The firm has an "excellent"group of project managers who handle the day-to-day. While not at every meeting, Semel is said to be involved with each project. About a third of the commissions are outside the Chicago area, usually second or third homes for delighted past customers. The firm works particularly well with leading business titans, due to its detailed project planning and excellent problem-solving capabilities.

Retail is charged on product with an oversight fee for structural and non-product consultations (the NY system). Living rooms can range from $75,000 to $125,000+ with a minimum total project cost of about $100,000. Alternatively, the level of cost and quality can be taken as high as the imagination. ASID.

Representative Client Comments:
"She is obsessive in her quest for perfection." "There is such spark and imagination in her work and a consistent degree of finish." "I find that I had to push to achieve a look beyond the predictable scope." "It is truly amazing the way she can have country folk art and Asian and African art live side by side in a cohesive manner. If others did this, it would just look like a jumble." "She is so wise and so skilled, but not a hand holder." "She loves to reupholster, and did a great job reusing my existing furnishings." "Arlene is a person with vision and, thank goodness, she does not waiver from the plan."

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