Franklin Report Report Card for Sutherland Architectural Associates in Chicago
★ Franklin Report Card
Sutherland Architectural Associates
548 West Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60045
(847) 234-1996
Main Contact: Dan Sutherland

Services & Specialties
Architectural historic preservation

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FR Review:
Preserving the rich architecture of Lake Forest is what sources say is Dan Sutherland's passion. He is the sole practitioner of this firm that has been steeped in architectural history for more than 20 years. Sutherland concentrates overwhelmingly on the renovation of historic estates, working with a clientele that wants to remain faithful to the original style of their homes. All of Sutherland's work is residential. His passion for preserving the past extends to philanthropy as well as architecture. He sits on the board of several organizations devoted to historic preservation, including The Open Land Architect Review Committee and the Preservation Foundation of Lake Forest.

Sutherland was educated at the University of Kentucky, and prior to starting his own firm, worked for Stanley Tigerman (see review). He charges standard hourly rates through skematic drawings and then a percentage of overall cost of construction.
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