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Maxine Snider, Inc.
116 West Illinois, Suite 7E
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 527-4170
Main Contact: Maxine Snider
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Elegant, restrained, thoughtful transitional interior design

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FR Review:
Maxine Snider is greatly admired and acknowledged for her award-winning Paris Series furniture collection, and is equally lauded by clients for her interior design capabilities. With great editing skills, Snider seeks and highlights the shared elements of various provenances and periods, creating a stylistic interplay that "sings." She unifies minimalist furnishings, fine antiques and strong architectural details with complementary tonal colors, proportions and textures to create a balance of restrained harmony. References say that Snider works quite collaboratively and diligently throughout the process.

An interior designer for 25 years, first on the commercial side (the Saudi Arabian government, First of Chicago's executive offices) and for the last twelve years in residential, Snider impresses patrons with her breadth of knowledge and experience. The interior design side of the operation is small, with Snider as the primary client contact. About three large-scale projects are completed each year. She is said to be a great communicator, keeping clients apprised along the way.

The firm asks for a small up-front retainer, standard new product markups and higher hourly rate (lower for staff). Patrons say she is quite gracious when shopping for antiques, encouraging clients with economic breakpoints to attain the best. Living rooms are in the $150,000 range, which typically includes a fair percentage of fine furniture with a good patina. Clients adamantly recommend Snider without reservation, feeling fortunate to have found her. HB Top Designers, 1999, 2000, Chicago Athenaeum Distinguished Design Award for Paris Series.

Representative Client Comments:
"Working with Maxine is a dream. She is extremely creative and a great listener.""She creates rooms of timeless serenity."" It was a team effort—she did not overrule me, but also expressed her opinion with ease." "We used lots of antiques, but kept to the budget." "I so enjoyed the process—she is highly sophisticated, intellectual and worldly.""Maxine has a perseverance for perfection.""The interiors are so much about our lifestyle, that friends assume we did not use a designer, and think we are geniuses.”

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