Franklin Report Report Card for Tigerman McCurry Architects in Chicago
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Tigerman McCurry Architects
444 North Wells Street, Suite 206
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 644-5880
Main Contact: Margaret McCurry, Stanley Tigerman

Services & Specialties
High-end intelligently designed residential and institutional architecture

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FR Review:
With more than 59 years combined experience in the field, Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry operate one of the most respected and lauded architecture firms in the country. Praised by clients for its consummate professionalism and gift of designing cutting-edge spaces, the firm takes on 15 projects a year. Most are residential, although the firm also puts its stamp on some notable Chicago-area institutional projects. The scope of Tigerman McCurry residential projects ranges from high-end, one-room renovations to large single-family homes. Although the pair rarely works together on projects, clients hail each principal's individual philosophy of design and highly intellectual approach to the craft. The duo is not bound to a specific style, but a number of its projects lean toward contemporary design. Twenty years ago this firm was founded as a merger of each partner's respective practices that date back as far as 1961.

McCurry concentrates primarily on the firm's high-end residential projects, where she has acquired a devoted client-base that repeatedly seeks her services to build another home, or, in one client's case, to renovate a new room every year for the past 13 years. Clients say McCurry is creative, yet realistic, and is especially talented at selecting unique materials that meet?or beat?initial budgetary requirements. She is especially praised for symmetry that is neither trite nor boring. Clients also cite her use of natural light and creative juxtaposition of rooms to one another.

Tigerman focuses much attention to the firm's institutional projects. He is a co-founder of Archeworks, a multi-disciplined school of design, based on the belief that creative people have an obligation to support design in the context of social cause. Clients say Tigerman has a penchant for intricate detail. Some describe him as an architectural "bad boy," extremely confident of his skills and rather rigid and methodical in his approach to design. ASID. AD 100, 2000, 2002, 2004. HB Top Designers, 1999, 2000. ID Hall of Fame.

Representative Client Comments:
"I'm happy to recommend them." "Particularly good at selecting materials." "The amount of detail is extraordinary." "We hit it off intellectually." "Stanley's strengths are creativity and imagination as well as his philosophy and intellectual approach to solving the architectural conundrum." "Stanley likes to do jewels." "Margaret is thoughtful, dependable and lovely to work with."

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