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Tom Stringer Design Partners

919 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 320
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 664-0644
Main Contact: Tom Stringer
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Services & Specialties
Modern interpretation of historically classical design

FR Review:
Clients laud Tom Stringer for his refined, classic design sensibilities tinged with a modern hue, his attention to detail and his thoughtfulness. While stylistically adaptive, much of the work is based on his love of historical design elements, including Palladin traditions, proportionate symmetry and fine Federal mahogany antiques placed in clean-swept, harmonizing backgrounds. These interiors are said to be equally compelling for relaxed family gatherings and for the most formal occasions.

Stringer brings a multi-disciplinary approach to each job. He studied architecture and interior design, designed furniture for several well-known manufacturers and was with Branca for several years. His firm was established in 1996. Clients applaud the team spirit at the firm, from which no employee has ever departed. Stringer has similarly long-term relationships with clients, many of whom become good friends. The firm's clientele tends to be among the well established, many of whom start with Stringer on their Gold Coast renovation, then ask him to work on the northern Michigan summer retreat. Stringer goes to great lengths to assure client satisfaction, returning calls from planes and training staff members on the art of bed-making and ice-shaving for the bedside tables.

While clients say they are given excellent budget guidelines, the budget tends to evolve as the project progresses, at the client's direction. A typical living room costs from $50,000 to $150,000 depending on the project. There is a reimbursable retainer of about one month's billing, high hourly fees and standard product markup. No hourly fees are charged for administrative processing. References are emphatic in their desire to use Stringer again. HB Top Designers, 2003, 2004.

Representative Client Comments:
"He transcends style with his classical elements, fitted into more neutral settings.""He is always available and a joy to work with.""Nothing is by accident with Tom.""I like what Tom has done for us more that anything I have ever seen elsewhere.""Tom is amazing. In building our new house, he corrected the architects' drawings and thought of unique possibilities that transformed the space.""He can do French minimalist cowboy and avant-garde classic, both with the highest stylistic elegance.""While he is quite expensive, I would never dream of going ahead without him.”

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