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L Design
333 WN Avenue, PMB 385
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 440-9363
Main Contact: Doug Levine
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Modern-edged, refined interior design

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FR Review:
Doug Levine is thought by all to stand among the designers of greatest creativity, commitment and promise currently gracing the Chicago area. Pressing the design envelope, he reconfigures traditional silhouettes, incorporating them into clean, modern backgrounds in a manner which is described as nothing short of high-concept interior artistry. Levine is known to go to all lengths to offer a full breadth of products for his clients, often creating unique correlating fixtures, such as hand-made tiles, fireplace hearths and bronze, sculpted utensils.

Levine majored in art and design and was the design director for Holly Hunt for eight years, where he introduced the Christian Liege line to the United States. His firm, established in 1999, is a small boutique without an ounce of pretension. Levine, in fact, prefers to return phone calls from a seat in a café rather than from his office. Freelancers are used regularly to enhance and introduce continuing design waves. He currently is developing a high-end contract collection for Bright as well as doing about eight significant residential homes a year. Patrons say that Levine is particularly connected to the city pace, selectively working with those who share his passion for forward-thinking design.

The firm charges a non-refundable up-front design fee, standard product fees and standard hourly rates. Levine is just as happy developing a $100,000 studio apartment renovation as a multi-million-dollar Lincoln Park residence. His office is scrupulous about listing all net product prices in every bill. Supporters say he is ingenious in judiciously spending money to get the most design for the budget.

Representative Client Comments:
"He is the heart and soul of the next generation of design in Chicago.""Doug clearly has a gift and verve for design.""He is only capable of doing things one way—the right way.""He is a meticulous craftsman reconstructed for the modern age.""Over 300 pages of designs were drawn for my modern-edged home.""While I have seen some other clients' work that I thought was a bit funky, our project was perfectly polished.""My furnishings are luxurious, but not pretentious or overly dramatic.""You give him a budget and he dreams the dream and makes it work.”

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