Franklin Report Report Card for Geek Squad in New York City
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Geek Squad
At various Best Buy stores, or by appointment
(800) 433-5778
Computer Installation & Maintenance

Services & Specialties
Computer installation, networking, support and sales

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FR Review:
The eponymous squad drives around in black-and-white faux police cruisers; and yes, they come to your door in full uniform, brandishing computer badges. Clients say the company lives up to its nerdy name, offering soup-to-nuts computer services–they will install anything from a wireless home network to a 150-machine corporate system. These officers also track down adware, spyware and viruses. Recently the firm has added a host of other specialties to the list, including everything from home audio/video systems to in-car GPS.

Geek Squad has an agreement with Best Buy; they maintain service centers in many of the chain’s stores and will sell Best Buy products (as well as their own brands) on house calls. The Squad’s prices are fairly cheap, and since they charge a flat rate for specific tasks, you’ll always know what you’re paying for (longer term service contracts are also available). The large size of the company may lead to uneven service, but overall the good citizens of New York appreciate their expertise and advice, even if “the novelty act can get a little tired.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Only issue is that you’re not always dealing with the same person.” “I was skeptical but they did a great job!” “Though they are a huge company, they have stuck around for a while, and most people have a great experience.”

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