Franklin Report Report Card for White Webb in New York City
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White Webb

105 East 34th Street,
Suite 116
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-2900
Main Contact: Matthew White, Frank Webb

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Inventive, eclectic, elegant interior design


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FR Review:
Blessed with great talent and boundless enthusiasm for the craft, Matthew White and Frank Webb create thoughtful, elegant interiors that please both the eyes and the intellect. The pair works with clients to locate a highly personalized central theme, then finds inventive ways to carry it out. The result is a well-balanced and beautiful home filled with unexpected touches - a transparent side table adds just the right dash of wit to a formal living room, while classical statuary lends weight and focus to a collector's eclectic loft.

White and Webb both have unique résumés. White was a dancer for the Los Angeles Ballet before executing a neat jété into graphic design, then antiques, then interiors. He leans classical, with a love for antiques and a penchant for the grandeur of his native south. Webb, who collaborates with White on design and oversees project management, spent seventeen years in finance before giving into the artistic impulse. His muse is more modern, driven by clean lines and clever repurposing of unique materials. The two created their eponymous firm in 2004 after coincidentally meeting in the halls of their apartment building. Stylistically, White and Webb adjust the dial for each client, arriving at the right balance of old and new. References report being "charmed and entertained" by the "honest, fun" collaboration, calling both White and Webb "smart, kind and genteel."

White Webb, somewhat a rarity in high end design firms, charges only an hourly fee for their services. Stretched out over the course of a project, this translates as roughly even with industry standards, and it allows them to focus purely on what's right for the room. Aided by a staff of two, White Webb takes on eight to ten projects a year, most of them larger, though the two will go small if a creative challenge is at play. Currently in the midst of expanding their reach, they have a furniture line through Donghia and an antique shop ("White Webb Finds") in up-and-coming Hillsdale NY, a stone’s throw from Hudson. Sources agree that White and Webb are “the real thing" and that "the only danger is that you'll have too much fun." AD 100. KB 2005, 2008.

Representative Client Comments:
"Matthew White is a charming man, a talented and inspired designer of impeccable taste who seemed to know exactly what my desires were." "Matthew does not shy away from bold ideas." "They're not a traditional firm, and they're not a super-modern, minimal firm. They're just great designers." "They really love their work. It makes the process fun." "They design with ideas." "Mr. White researched and chose specific antiques, selected beautiful fabrics, and developed decorating ideas that included my particular interests in music and classical art." "They enjoy getting carried away with concepts and themes." "What a wonderful team! Together, they don't let anything through the cracks." "For several years now, I've been enjoying my well-designed-- yet homey--space."

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